New Emerge Membership

Our belief statement:

We believe in fostering an environment of kindness in the luxury events industry - one where egos are checked at the door and it feels like family. We believe that collective experiences allow us to connect as humans on a personal level and personal connections lead to the best possible business connections. We combine industry-leading experience-based networking, education, advertising, and an online community to create a robust support system for wedding and event professionals around the world. All with a mission of giving back to our industry and the communities we impact.

Are you tired of going to the same old networking events? Mingle. A cocktail. Repeat. - Us too. That is why we created the Emerge Event Collective.

We know that networking seems daunting. You are a busy and successful event pro who wants to be challenged with in-depth education and conversations, innovative networking events, and more than everyday meetups. One that helps you raise the bar not only in our industry but in your business.

We've combined innovative and inspiring networking events, industry-leading education and speakers, industry-leading designers for our events, and online advertising to create a new kind of event collective. One that feels like family. We spend time getting to know one another on a personal level by doing interactive activities that allow us to experience things as humans.

We believe that authentic personal relationships lead to authentic business relationships. 

The following is included in every membership:

  • Listing on our website directory
  • Private Facebook Group and Online Community
  • Blog and Social Media Features
  • Educational opportunities
  • Interactive and immersive networking opportunities
  • Special offers and discounts from partners when available 
  • Contact list for all members
  • Invitation to all members-only events
  • Discount to open events
  • Monthly online members-only networking opportunities + occasional online networking opportunities

The cost for membership is $40/month or $480/year + $50 initiation fee for the first member and $20/month or $240/year for the second member or more of your company.


Special conditions

1. A NONREFUNDABLE $50 initiation/admin fee plus the first month's payment is due when this agreement is initially signed by the Event Professional (the first year). Emerge Collective accepts cash, check, Visa, & MasterCard. Nonrefundable Deposit and guarantee of exclusive reservation of the Event Professional spot. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Event Professional acknowledges and agrees that the deposit is non-refundable and is to offset administration costs. 

2. GUARANTEE: Emerge Collective does not guarantee any referrals or bookings to the event professional. Referrals within our group are not required but are always appreciated.

3. CONTRACT and TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: Contracted length is 12 months from the first month billed and billed per month or year. If the Event Professional determines that they would like to withdraw their company, Emerge Event Collective must receive written notice and it may take up to ten business days to remove all promotional material from the website. The contract is still enforced and you are responsible for the entirety of the contract. If at the end of the contract, the Event Professional would like to withdraw from Emerge Collective, a written notice must be received no later than 15 days before your renewal date, otherwise, this contract will auto-renew. If Emerge Collective decides to terminate this contract, they may do so at any time. In this instance, Emerge Event Collective will prorate a refund amount based on the number of months left in the contract if the amount has been paid in full.

4. REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP: As a member of Emerge Collective you are agreeing to the following:

Argee to carry the appropriate insurance (if you are an onsite vendor) and obey all laws regarding your particular discipline. This includes being registered with your Secretary of State and all appropriate business and Tax licenses. If out of the country, please reach out to us and we can discuss what is required.  

Agree to have two industry sponsors or one member sponsor - please list these on your application. 

Agree to be LGBTQ+  inclusive and serve all people no matter their race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender, age, or disability. 

Agree to provide a legally binding contract to your clients with clear expectations and guidelines for their service(s).

In addition, we may consult other industry professionals, reviews, and other considerations to determine membership and may deny membership for any reason.

Members understand that all members represent the whole of the group and poor behavior, client service, or satisfaction reflects poorly as a whole on the group. If membership is denied for lack of requirements or Emerge Event Collective has determined they are not a good fit, the initial monies paid in will be returned. 

Membership will not be approved until you have emailed your Certificate of Insurance (if required for on-site professionals typically) and Certificate of Good Standing from your Secretary of State or business license, and let us know who your sponsor referrals are.

We agree to safeguard your infomation. We do not share, sell, or disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent. 

Payment options are yearly or monthly. When paying monthly please note that the one time initiation fee is billed in the first payment.